Hi, I'm Kyle. Welcome to my journey.


Husband, Father & Family Man 👪 •  Early Stage Venture Investor 💸  • Leadership Speaker 📣 • Passionate Storyteller 📖 • Trusted Mentor 👬 • Seasoned Entrepreneur 🌱 • Leadership Accountability Coach 🚀 • Former Corp Strategist 📈 • Marketing Scientist 🔬 • Google Local Guide 🔎 • Foodie 🍲 • New YouTuber  📺Founder The Adora Company 🥰  #nomad & #WorldTraveler ⛵

Do Good Anyway

Do Good Anyway

Do we, will we, can we resonate? Click below to read some inspiring Paradoxical Commandments that I've found hit home for me. If they do for you as well we just might be peoples.

Choose Your Own Adventure

This is a fun way to get to know me, get updated if you already know me, or share your collaboration idea with me




The Adora Company is my professional outlet when it comes to changing the world.


Since 2014 I've been developing a framework to help charities get clear on what's important.


I'm eclectic, so sue me... I have a wide variety of interests and if we share a passion I have no doubt we would enjoy connecting.





We (my sweet wife and I) are doing research. Along our journeys to heal and evolve we've realized just how important it is to find fulfillment. If you are curious or want to participate...


Adora App

...every time you pick up your phone - yep it's a thing and it's not even that hard. The Adora mobile app let's you give money to a charity with out the $$ coming out of your pocket.


A blog can be so boring - unless you love to tell stories. And boy do I love to tell stories. Read, watch, listen, and enjoy.