Don’t judge me by my picture – it was chosen for me 🤦


Hi, my name is Kyle.

I'm a lover of people, their stories, their hearts, the times they've fallen down, and especially the times they've heroically gotten back up.

I'm a lover of the journey that is life.

I am a farm boy who used to sneak out in my cowboy boots, a diaper, and my cowboy hat just to climb the fence to get on my horse (who would parallel park so I could climb on). From what I've been told I would be found hat askew, boots almost falling off my feet after passing back out on this huge yet wonderful animal.

I'm a husband to an Alchemist, a father to some wonderful boys, a son, a grandson, a brother, a partner, a friend, and a wonderfully flawed human being.

I've also found my purpose and that is what I'm here to share with YOU!

If you're ready to hop down the rabbit hole choose your own adventure here ⬇️


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I love to connect, if you've found something that moves you please do not hesitate to let me know!