Adora AI Project

My company is Adora and we’ve been developing and using Machine Learning since 2014. In 2019 we started exploring how to use or ML data with an Artificial Intelligence (NPL to be specific) model funny enough it was the same transformer model Open AI started with.

We’ve now been playing in the AI space for almost 4 years and we’re finally ready to start beta testing our first project BUT before we do we want to make sure we’re being wise.


We want to start having some really important conversations with YOU!

Our team has identified you as someone who is either a thought leader, professor, developer, or even just a student interested in learning about AI and we want to build the best network of smart people we can learn from.


AI Survey

We have a short survey that we’re asking everyone in our networks (or not yet in our network) to take. We’re also doing a few virtual & in-person get togethers to have conversations – you’ll be able to sign up for one of those after the survey.