Fathers' Rights Legal Network

The Fathers’ Rights movement is on the verge of making real strides in society.

If you are a legal professional who deals in family law, more specifically pre-nuptial agreements, pre-marital financial arrangements, trusts, separations, divorces, custody, alimony, child support, or any other type of family law…

We want to make sure you are supported…

We NEED to start having some really important conversations with YOU!

I, and my team, truly believe that fathers need you more than they have EVER needed you. The world of family law, specifically around relationships, is more dangerous for fathers than it ever has been in the history of modern family law.

YET we’re seeing a shift in the awareness of how the system treats fathers and how damaging that is to society.

Because of this positive shift we see hope, and we need you to capitalize on this wave.

Do We Align?

I believe that here in the United States, we need some serious and organized efforts to help fathers and men when it comes to family protection. Here are a list of my areas of focus when it comes to the Fathers’ Rights Movement.

If you believe that Legislative Reform is needed, that the court system (in every state in the USA) is unfair towards fathers. And that to fix this you believe that there should be legislative efforts to change this reality. Finally, you are willing to help with that effort in your state under a pro-bono and/or paid engagement.

You agree that the FFP incentives are a conflict of interest and need to be addressed in the above legislative reform efforts. That FFP matching should be tracked by more than just financial metrics incentivising the maximized child support in any given case.

You believe that, in this wonderfully advanced digital world, child support should be more closely tracked as is the SNAP & Other financial Aid programs.

You believe that there needs to be more relationship literacy pre-marriage as well as better financial protections for men in the case of divorce. This includes shoring up the pre-nuptial agreement issues we’ve seen recently, the setting up of trusts, and better financial planning. This also means lower overall cost of legal help with a more structured legal support system that benefits both the Fathers & Legal Support system. We would love your thoughts on a possible legal subscription for fathers.

That you believe that the best outcome for children in the vast majority of cases is that both the mother and the father are closely involved in the lives of their children even if that is through a well organized and executed co-parenting relationship. That having situations that do not encourage the separation of families will also help these outcomes. And finally that teaching legal and financial literacy will actually increase legal involvement rather than decrease it.

If you agree with most, if not all, of the issues above AND you want to learn more about how we can help your law firm, practice and business integrate with AI then you know what to do…