Let’s Get This Party Started

I have seen an amazing range of life and living in this world.

From the homes and lifestyles of billionaires to the humbe shacks of Mexico, India, China, The Phillipine Islands, and even here in the United States.

Up until now I have shied away from establishing a personal brand!

I do not want what we build, to depend on me, to be all wrapped up in a persona that can never be accurate. I am not a simple person, I am wodnerfully and painfully complex.

I am imperfect, often blunt, easily frustrated because of my high standards. I am emotional, I mean make sure I have tissues when I watch a Disney movie emotional.

I am loving, kind, and generous – sometimes, actually often, at my own expence. I am like this because I am insecure, I have felt guilty for my failings, I have felt ashamed because I have so much while so many have so little.

I have been on a very interesting journey, one where I’ve challenged every belief I’ve held. 

I am no longer guilty, I am human.

I have the power and ability to accept, to work to make right any wrong, any mistake, any short comming I am responsible for.

I have so that I might give, not because of insecurity or guilt but out of love.

My success is only a gift as long as I can lift up those around me, and my success will only be due to those around me lifing us all up as well.

There is wonder in all things; in the failings, the successes, in even the simple green new growth of a blade of grass. Gratitude for everything is such a gift.

I am grateful for you reading this.

The simple fact that you can read this, on some form of digital device, that you are…

Safe, have power to charge this miracle of a device, are not running for your life from a preditor or enemy, that you aren’t spending a majority of your time surviving, that you have found your way here, to this post – I am grateful we live in such a time.

If you resonate with these feelings, beliefs, and desires then you may find some liked-minded people in my circles. If you do not, yet, resonate I hope that you find your peace along your journey and if you come back here, if you find that these sentiments ring true some time later please know that you are welcome.

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