Well then... How can I be better?

1 Step 1

Clearly you’ve experienced a much more human/flawed version of me.

For that I am sorry.

I’ve made many mistakes along my journey, if one or many of those has impacted you I would really appreciate the opportunity to make it right, or at least try. 

I do know that not everything can be fixed perfectly yet I do not want to go out into the world trying to do good without taking responsibility for the times where I may have come up short.

I also do not want you to carry the frustration or maybe even anger around with you any longer, that is a burden that I would like to give us the chance to let go of.

I’ve included the ability for us to connect and possibly start communicating, fixing, and hopefully healing if that is something you want.

Until we do speak, or even if we don’t, even if you don’t fill out the form – 

I hope you have an amazing day, week, year, rest of your life. I truly do wish the best for you and yours.