Choose Your Own Adventure

This is a ‘choose your own adventure’ style web experience. You get to decide how you move through this story. There will be parts that are made to speak to you.

This starting point is one of those moments – you get to choose ‘if you know me’ or if you ‘don’t know me’.

Just in case you are wondering why you are here – I have something kinda big to share. A lightbulb that’s gone off.

I’ve talked to a ton of people in my life, I’m not shy (those of you who know me already know this). One the of the things that I find everyone has in common is a shared moment – why am I here?

What is my purpose?

Why am I valuable – to anyone?

Am I good enough to really help anyone much less myself?

All of these are some version of a natural desire to find our place in the world, the heart breaking reality is that this line of questioning is often not a positive inner monolog.

I’m no different.

   I’ve felt very alone in life.

      I’ve questioned my existence.

         I’ve wondered why I’m here.

And then all the pieces, experiences, failures, successes, lessons, and mental exercises started to make sense.

I asked myself what I wanted to leave behind. How could I change the world?

This is where I can share with you my lightbulb above my head moment.

This is where I can open up and vulnerably share why my dream is too big for me to tackle by my self.

This is where I get to tell you why I need YOU!


Adventure is a click away