You Don't Know Me... Yet 😉

So you either haven’t spent enough time with me to feel like you know me… 


You’ve never met or even heard of me.

Some how you found, you were sent, or maybe it’s serendipity that a link was magically clicked – No matter the way you came to be here I am excited you ARE here.


Because I have no doubt you are an amazing human.

BUT that might not be enough for us to really click. I’m looking for amazing people who also carry with them a few beliefs:

-Do you believe that the unbelievable can still happen?

-Are you an optimist (even if you try to hide in plain sight as a realist)?

-Do you believe that the world can get better?

-Do you really, passionately, want to do good?

-Has your passion or obsession translated into excellence? Or are you well on your way? Do you know about the 10,000 hour rule?

If you are looking for likeminded people, for those who seek after excellence yet at the same time lean on their emotional intelligence throughout their journey?

You may find some synergy and resonance here…