Long (more complete) Version
of my purpose.

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For those of you who find yourself here and either can’t listen, would rather read, or would like to both listen/watch AND read… here is a run down of what the above video contains…

I’ve realized that I want to create a network and community that can help and support the most amazing kids in the world.

My initial goal is to find the most amazing 1000 kids who don’t have the resources available to them to realize their talents and potential. Theres so much that is involved in that idea and I know it’s going to look very different when it starts to execute and that is where YOU come in. I am looking for amazing, creative, compassionate people to help me with the details of an effort like this.

As for me I also have come to the realization that I want more of a foundation. more experience and more resources at my/our disposal before I fling myself headlong into this effort.

I do know that once I turn my focus in that direction it will be all consuming.

I’ve done a great deal of research on what human productivity looks like, I’ve put much of this research into practice – I still have a lot yet to implement – and through that journey there are things I would like to put into place before I endeavor to support children.

The four keys to productivity and flow are:

  1. Mindset
  2. Food
  3. Exersice
  4. Sleep

I’ve come to understand how I can best create the greatest impact on these areas for myself and others – including these amazing next generation talents.

First farming and food production. Creating the best food that can be used to literally fuel us is a huge passion and key to productivity. I’ve also realized what an opportunity this can be to provide a place for healing as well growing food.

There are thousands of people who have a need to heal. To create and give life is both healing and rewarding.

The challenge of creating a positive culture while creating an environment for those who need to heal is not a small task. Hurt people hurt people and to make a place of healing requires safety is a wonderful challenge and learning opportunity.

Once these amazing people are ready to come back to society there is a great risk of falling back into habits and cycles that create more trauma.

Creating a place where a culture of love, respect, and support exists – no matter who you are – is a key to long term success.

Add in a place where inspiration and wonder are a part of everyday life and progress, evolution, creativity, and this positive momentum of those who are healing is more likely to be part of everyday life.

Building wonderlands, places where reality as we know it is simply the foundation for what we haven’t yet discovered or created, is a key part of this larger foundation I want to build.

Creativity, safety, and inspiration are all part of affecting mindset, sleep, and ultimately productivity.

All of this takes a back seat to the focus of the NOW, Adora.

Adora Creative and the Adora App are not only the financial foundation of all these future efforts, they are the cultural foundation.

To ‘Do Good’ is the foundation of everything.

Right now I will be learning, growing, developing, and planing with you on the next phases yet the bulk of my day to day efforts will be focused on building Adora.

I would love your support, along with your participation in this effort and community.

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